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The GIFT Harvest Party and Potluck 


Saturday, September 11th, 10:00am-1:00pm


2200 Justin Ln, Austin, TX 78757


Anyone is welcome, tell your friends and bring your kids!


Event Schedule:

  • Harvest produce at The GIFT garden

  • Compost your food scraps

  • Learn to sow seeds together

  • Have a Garden-Fresh Potluck Lunch (bring anything you're growing from your garden, no pre-packaged food please)

What is the price for entry?

Bring your material to be composted or food for potluck or donation for any organization at the event.


This is an outside event and we ask that you maintain social distancing as necessary. 

Do you want your community to transform into an Ecommunity?  We need your help for our programs to gain momentum within communities like yours, so contact us to start the conversation. 
Community leader?
Are you interested in our Ecommunity format? Contact us to add your community to the waitlist or request more information.

Our ECOmmunity program is still under development, however, the launch is scheduled for January 2022 within the City of Austin.

Current Projects
Composting at The GIFT 

We are using our composting knowledge to manage a multi-community composting program at The GIFT.


We are using this opportunity to mock our intended communal composting system with a few alterations.

Come get some free compost!

Mock HomeGrower Program

We have been developing our product-free and life-focused growing methodologies since December of 2019. 


In June 2021, we got in contact with a couple in Austin TX, who became our first HomeGrowers. If you would like to follow their growing journey, go to our project page.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We need helpers of all kinds! Whether it be with our composting program or more internal organization development. 

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